Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Radio On!!

Hey, guess what! They let me be on Prosody. Crazy, right? Anyway, you
can listen in tonight at 7pm on 91.3 WYEP on the FM dial to hear what
kind of silly things I said about poetry n'at. And yeah, I read a few
of your favorites from my vast oeuvre (assuming, that is, you have
favorites from my vast oeuvre of nonsense). Thanks to the wonderful
Renee Alberts for inviting me on the show and hosting as I nervously
stumble through her questions. Honestly, it's almost like I never
actually think about how or why I write these things. You can also
stream the show at

And if that wasn't enough, tune in to 88.3 WRCT on the ol' FM tomorrow
night, Thursday March 31st, as Low Ghost Press takes over A Live Show,
produced by Jason Baldinger. An amazing group of poets will be joining
me to read poems of love, sex, and other bodily notions. Featured
poesy slingers include Scott Silsbe, Angele Ellis, Bob, Pajich, Jerome
Crooks, Taylor Grieshober, Margaret Bashaar, and our conductor/DJ for
the evening, Holly Coleman. Place bets on which one of us makes Jason
use the delay button first! You can also stream this live at

Radio on!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thanks to Margaret Bashaar (one of my favorite poets and peoples) for her lovely words regarding Liturgy of Streets at Plucked From Ogygia!